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BootsEdge Repair Corporation has been servicing aircraft pneumatic de-icers since 1995. The company offers de-icer repair, replacement, sales and products. The One Stop Shop for all your pneumatic de-icer needs. Customer satisfaction and quality are the company's primary goals. Satisfied customers include the FAA, U.S. Marshal's Service, U.S. Navy, and hundreds of corporate and private aircraft owners.

BootsEdge Repair Corporation specializes in de-icer repair and replacement. A trained technician, with years of pneumatic de-icer experience, can service your aircraft at Wiley Post Airport or any U.S. location. The company does not charge a technician travel time fee and every attempt will be made to schedule the service at your convenience. Through years of experience the technicians have gained pneumatic de-icer knowledge above the general aviation field. Speed and professional knowledge gained from this experience can be beneficial when your plane requires pneumatic de-icer service. The repair process can be utilized to extend the life of your de-icers; increasing safety and delaying replacement. Pneumatic de-icers requiring replacement can, in most cases, be replaced (parts and labor) below the manufacturers' suggested uninstalled list price.

BootsEdge Repair Corporation offers pneumatic de-icer sealants and multi-purpose cleaners/preps. BootsEdge Corp's products are non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and bio-degradable. Discounts are available for volume purchases. BootsEdge Corp also offers products for de-icer maintenance or replacement. Products include; adhesives, coatings, rubber perservative, rollers, patches and other products. Order online, with an e-mail or by calling the toll free number listed below.